FTAKKE is a 2-man Singer/Songwriter band, 2 sympathetic talents who match perfectly. Humour and originality are the central aspect of their English repertoire. Their style is cocky and unique, a mix of Pop-Rock-Folk-Reggae. Every so often they add covers of their idols to the mix (EELS, Newton Faulkner, Gorillaz...) topped off with a crazy FTAKKE-sauce. 2 allround artists who won't back away from a challenge. 

Fabyan Pasteleurs lives in the center of Ghent where he's being flooded by inspiration to feed his passion for songwriting. He's been climbing big and small stages since 2010. His songs tell stories of imaginary friends, a plant as a companion or a lost pigeon. He specializes in percussion guitar, a guitar style where he taps the body of his guitar as a percussion instrument to add uptempo rhythms to his melodies. Additionally he brings along all kinds of percussion instruments for live or home recorded loops through a loopstation. All this combined with his facial expressions, peculiar vocal noises (including rap and beatbox) and connection with the crowd add an extra dimension to the performances. In July of 2017 he released his first EP titled "Imaginary Friends". The EP was entirely composed, mixed, mastered and designed by Fabyan. His Masters degree in 3D animation gave him useful skills to design artwork and clips for the band. De title song "Imaginary Friends" was also used for his shortfilm which appeared on several animation festivals. 

Dieter Vermeire from Ternat has been a member of FTAKKE since 2015. He effortlessly plays a 7-string bass and enriches every song with his deep tones and special effects. His powerful solo work adds a new layer of melody and an original twist to each song. Dieter is very technically minded and knowledgable of stage and PA set-up, all of which makes him a valued addition to the band. 

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Zennetoer 2014-2015 Finalist (as solo-act)

"Halle was ready for band number 2: FTAKKE. Band, yes, 'cause we can hear guitar, beats, drum, beatbox. Band, no, this is all done by one and the same person. Loved by the jury and especially by the crowd. FTAKKE enjoyed his performance to the fullest and made the big podium seem too small. Fabyan, as he's named in real life, made it to second place in the crowd's votes."

Zennetoer 2016-2017 Finalist

"Even more young power with FTAKKE, this edition under the name of Fabyan Pastel. Fabyan and bass-player Dieter play folk-rock and pop songs with a big hint of humour. First modest and quiet, then energetic and playful, but always refreshing and very enjoyable to listen to."